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  • Welcome to Flow Technology

    Welcome to Flow Technology

    Flow Technology Ltd. is a process engineering company specialising in the design and supply of process installations and process equipment for the pharmaceutical, beverage and dairy industries. Read More
  • About Flow Technology

    About Flow Technology

    Our capability centres on the ability of the high calibre team of experienced engineers, both graduate & timeserved , together with our skilled craftsmen, who are certified in Stainless steel, hastelloy & carbon steel fabrication and welding for process industry. Read More
  • Pipework Fabrication

    Pipework Fabrication

    We use automatic orbital welding, manual TIG welding or electrode welding with our welders qualified to EN 287 / 288.All pipework is installed with appropriate brackets & supports, falls where required for drainability and room for insulation. Read More
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Flow Technology will design and propose the optimum temperature control system typically for jacketed process plant temperature control to provide the heat transfer rates required in the temperature range specified.

Typical systems include atmospheric water, pressurized water, glycol and thermal oils as the heat transfer fluid... (Read more)

All our Temperature Control systems are designed and built using our own engineers & craftsmen. Skid systems are built in our own workshops where we can facilitate testing prior to delivery to site.

If you have an application you would like to discuss further please contact us - Tel: +353 63 81560 | Fax: +353 63 89821, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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