Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • Welcome to Flow Technology

    Welcome to Flow Technology

    Flow Technology Ltd. is a process engineering company specialising in the design and supply of process installations and process equipment for the pharmaceutical, beverage and dairy industries. Read More
  • About Flow Technology

    About Flow Technology

    Our capability centres on the ability of the high calibre team of experienced engineers, both graduate & timeserved , together with our skilled craftsmen, who are certified in Stainless steel, hastelloy & carbon steel fabrication and welding for process industry. Read More
  • Pipework Fabrication

    Pipework Fabrication

    We use automatic orbital welding, manual TIG welding or electrode welding with our welders qualified to EN 287 / 288.All pipework is installed with appropriate brackets & supports, falls where required for drainability and room for insulation. Read More
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Prefabricated process modules with mechanical, electrical and control systems tested prior to delivery can minimise the lead time to get a new process up and running.

With Flow Technology’s extensive range of process design experience we will design and fabricate custom designed process modules... (Read more)

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