Monday, May 20, 2019

Flow Technology aims to provide our customers with technically innovative and commercially optimised solutions to meet their needs delivered in a professional and efficient manner.

Key to succeeding with this objective is to employ high calibre people, with the ability to take responsibility across all aspects of the business. We value people who demonstrate a high level of initiative and achievement, together with strong commercial awareness.

As a business we strive for constant development and improvement with an active input from all our employees and where necessary external expertise is used to assist in our business development.


Which fish bowl will give you room to grow?

Many job seekers, when looking for their next opportunity, don’t look beyond the big name large corporations, content to continue to be the small fish in a tightly packed large bowl.  However, they often overlook the many advantages to working for a smaller company.  In her article, “Going with a small company has large rewards”, Susan Hall wrote that working for a small company allows you to gain more control over your career.  The downside of working with a large corporation is that you can lose your autonomy and become a small cog in a big wheel.

Other advantages to working for a smaller organisation include the opportunity to take ownership and see projects through from beginning to end.  Small companies tend to be less formally structured and more flexible, allowing employees to wear many hats.  With closer access to senior management, decision making can be quicker and less bureaucratic.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal “The Advantages of Working for a Smaller Company”, also suggests that employees in smaller companies get greater recognition for their successes, as successes can have greater impact on the bottom line.

One small company offering these advantages is Flow Technology Ltd, a process engineering company, with a highly experienced engineering team, working on significant projects for the big name companies in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Dairy industries.  Employees in Flow Technology get all the upside of working for a smaller company, with the experience of working on large scale projects.  For the latest career opportunities in Flow Technology Ltd, check out their website at www.flowtechnology.ie


We have a core strategy of developing the abilities of our people at all levels both on the job and supplemented with external training for both technical and management skills where appropriate.


At all levels of our business we aim to employ people who relish responsibility and the autonomy to get their job done. Remuneration levels are competitive commensurate with levels of responsibility and are tailored to match the calibre and performance of our employees.

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