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  • Temperature Control Modules
  • Process, Temperature Control Modules, Heating & Cooling Systems, Reactor Temperature Control Module (2)
  • Nano Filtration System Biotechnology
  • Ultrafiltration Biotechnology
  • CIP System - Biotechnology Media & Fermentation
  • DCS Control panel - CIP Skid
  • Transfer Panels - Fill Finish
  • Process, Purified water distribution skid B, Pharmaceutical
  • Process, Batching, mixing, separation, Beverage
  • Prefabricated Double Seat valve manifolds - Dairy

Our team of engineers take process projects from concept through design, construction, commissioning, testing (FAT and SAT) with final documentation to meet client requirements.

A strong emphasis is placed on ensuring "right first time" and "fix it forever" solutions during the design phase, which includes:

  • P&ID development and review
  • Process performance criteria
  • Quality and documentation requirements
  • 3D models with ergonomic reviews
  • Control system requirements
  • Safety Management and risk assessments
  • CE Compliance including machinery, pressure equipment and ATEX directives.

Schedule and build quality are the main focus during the construction phase. A project specific quality plan and project schedules are pre-approved by the client. The project schedule is frequently monitored and key hold points are included for internal and third party inspections during the build.

Safety management is crucial for site installed systems and we strive to ensure we meet all our obligations under the Safety, Health and Welfare at work (Construction) Regulations 2013 including designer and contractor duties and can act as PSDP and/or PSCS as required.

Each system will have a test plan which may include FAT (factory acceptance test), commissioning procedure, and SAT (site acceptance test) to ensure that the system meets the agreed performance criteria.

Please feel free to enquire for details about our high level of repeat business, the best compliment our clients can give.

Our Services

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    Our team of engineers take process projects from concept through design, construction, commissioning, testing (FAT and SAT) with final documentation

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