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Tank Cleaning

Flow Technology are the distributor for Alfa Laval (formerly Toftejorg) in Ireland for Tank Cleaning Technologies. Alfa Laval / Toftejorg offers 3 technologies to suit every need. 


The Alfa Laval static spray ball is the cleaning method of choice for low impact cleaning ofwater-soluble products. Cleaning requires long cycle times and large volumes of cleaning fluids and subsequently large volumes of waste water.

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The Alfa Laval rotary spray head uses the rotary motion and physical impact of the cleaning media to remove sticky residues from the tank interior.

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The Alfa Laval rotary jet head provides a high-impact jet stream in a three-dimensional cleaning pattern to clean tough residues. The result is a thoroughly clean tank using a fraction of the time, energy, water and cleaning chemicals required for other tank cleaning solutions.  Check out this Cleaning in Place Presentation by Alfa Laval:  Click Here


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Process Systems  – Cleaning-in-Place Systems

Flow Technology will design the optimum solution for cleaning any type of process plant. Our solutions range from supply of individual sprayheads as above or to complete turnkey Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems. The benefits of a properly designed CIP system will very often provide tangible paybacks to justify the capital outlay.


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These include:

  • Repeatability: Being independent of the plant operator the system will reproduce its defined program and maintain a record of each cleaning cycle.
  • Elimination of dead legs or product/CIP mixing: Once the extent of each program has been incorporated into the process description the system will check each system component for correct position before the cycle can start.
  • Economy of detergent, water or other rinse medium, steam, compressed air and effluent.
  • Low labour costs: System does not require operator supervision.
  • Safety:Eliminates conditions which may cause damage to process plant such as vessel implosion due to vacuum created by following hot cleaning cycle with cold rinse.    
  • System Design


The following factors are carefully considered in the design of a CIP system:

  • Operating parameters to provide the desired cleaning effect – flowrate, pressure, temperature, detergent concentration, cleaning head cycle time.
  • Cleaning medium – potable water ,purified water, WFI, or solvents.
  • Cleaning head selection – static, rotary, or orbital sprayhead.
  • Utilities to implement selected program – water, steam, compressed air, effluent.
  • Standards of construction.
  • Control system - i/o count, extendability and extent of data storage for program verification and trending status display including identification of fault conditions.


Documentation requirements: Inspection and testing including PED or ATEX as appropriate.


For any enquiries please contact: Naomi Noonan OR Pat O'Shea on +353 63 81560
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