Monday, May 20, 2019

Hilge sanitary pumps

Hilge stainless steel sanitary pumps are designed for a wide range of hygienic and sanitary fields of application such as:                                             

  • Food and beverage industry, life science and pharmaceutical industry, personal care water treatment.
  • The surface finish of the materials used is of paramount importance to prevent possible breeding grounds for bacteria and germs.             
  • Fully drainable models are available, and the use of AISI 316L
  • Euro-Hygia® single-stage, end-suction centrifugal pumps
  • SIPLA single-stage, self-priming, side-channel pumps
  • Contra single-stage or multi-stage pumps for those difficult suction conditions in a sterile enviroment.

Energy savings are a critical part of a process these days , so why not consider the differences in kw loadings between a single impeller pump and a multi contra Hilge type pump along with self draining capabilities.

20% reduction in rpm = 50% energy savings . Or a full sized impeller which should be employed on vsd pumps will give the largest efficiency the pump can offer.rpm = flow = (head )squared = (power ) cubed.

    Contra I 5 AD FN 11864 40 40 112 WEG 161017 543018 559336     GEA Hilge SIPLA     HYGIA K I verkleidet 160928 543177 1      

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